Mission & Values

McCall Companies supply the products you need today and the innovation you need for tomorrow.


The McCall Companies were founded by W. Calder McCall, as a home heating oil distributor, at the height of The Great Depression. Since 1936 our customers have relied on us to heat their homes and keep their fuel tanks full. Today, our customers rely on McCall to be an innovator in product development and distribution. Our employees rely on us to provide a safe, friendly atmosphere. Our neighbors rely on us to prioritize safety and the environment.


As a third-generation company, the McCall Family, along with McCall Management Team and employees, have built its business customer by customer in the place where we live and play. We view our customers as neighbors and friends. We strive to foster a culture where our customers, employees, regulators and neighbors know that we do what we say. We follow the rules and guidelines and strive to be a good environmental steward.


At McCall, we embrace the ever-evolving nature of our business and world. Only thirty years ago, McCall was the largest home heating oil company in the west. Today, our focus is asphalt and renewable fuels. Without our ability to change, McCall might be out of business. Our flexibility allows us the room to be innovative and meet the needs of our clients and the evolving requirements of our industry. Our employees are people with lives and families; we are flexible to accommodate their needs, both personally and professionally.  We recognize our flexibility as our greatest strength, and it connects us to our entrepreneurial roots.


For over eighty years, McCall has operated as a family business. Our employees are part of our family and our greatest asset. We welcome ideas, respectful conversation and productive banter. We know that our collective ideas are better than the individual. Our vision includes input from employees, suppliers, customers, regulators and neighbors. We are inclusive of our community and strive to be open and communicative with our neighbors and regulators.


We learn from the past and look to the future. These insights allow us to develop new products and businesses that solve our customers’ needs and improve the way we work and live. At McCall, we embrace a “can do” attitude and a willingness to take purposeful risk. Each day we strive to maintain the entrepreneurial spirit that created the company in 1936.