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McCall Asphalt offers a myriad of asphalt products to various sectors including: Paving Grade, Emulsion Based, and Industrial asphalts. We provide our customers with exactly what they need, when they need it, at competitive prices. Need a custom asphalt blend? Our team can custom blend to your specification. McCall Asphalt takes pride in standing apart from the competition.

  • Close attention to detail.

    Industry standards demand close attention to detail. McCall’s on-site modern laboratory ensures these standards are consistently met or surpassed. Constant analysis and testing provides consistent quality and value for all customers.

  • A total commitment to our environment.

    Operating a petroleum terminal on the Willamette River requires a total commitment to our environment. Our diligent and constant monitoring of our terminal insures our terminal remains clean. We take our environmental responsibility very seriously.

  • Continued reliability, flexibility and innovation.

    For over seventy years, McCall has and continues to serve the market with a wide range of terminal services serving our community with essential products through a culture of continuous improvements.

  • Asphalt mix is the most recycled product in the world.

    A report from the Federal Highway Administration shows that a majority of the asphalt pavement removed each year during widening and resurfacing projects is reused.

Types of Asphalt

Performance Graded
Asphalt Products

Performance Graded Asphalt Products

Performance graded asphalt binders were developed by The Federal Highway Administration as part of the Super Pave research. McCall offers the complete range of PG asphalts including polymer modified asphalts for all the Pacific Northwest climates. McCall’s modern lab ensures these high industry standards are met or surpassed. We test each asphalt load that leaves our terminal. We run a complete analysis on every product we sell every week. Constant analysis and testing ensure consistent quality and value for all our customers.

Industrial and Emulsion
Based Asphalts

Industrial and Emulsion Based Asphalts

Industrial asphalts and Emulsion Based asphalts require strong technical experience and diverse terminal capabilities. Our marine terminal thrives in this environment providing our customers with product options that improve sustainability, durability, and lifetime performance from a centrally located and efficient location.

Asphalt Services

McCall is the largest supplier of paving grade asphalt in Oregon.

Our three truck loading lanes are open 24/7 365 days. Our extremely accurate and efficient loading systems ensure load times are short so drivers can meet their deadlines. Whether by scale or extremely accurate meters our in-line blending system assures every load meets the strict standards of the myriad agencies we supply. Our lab test every load and provides a full analysis of each grade once a week. Our lab services also include testing your field samples upon request.


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Asphalt Products



Customer Accounts

To open an account with McCall, please call us at (503) 221-6400 and ask for the fuel or asphalt sales department.

The minimum required documents are:

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EFT Payments
We also offer convenient payments via electronic payment authorization (EFT). Please call us for an EFT Payment Authorization Form or an Invoice/EFT Electronic Delivery Authorization form.

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