Asphalt News Summer 2018

We make every effort to provide timely market information to our customers.

The current volatility in the global and domestic asphalt markets are causing asphalt prices to move higher.

Our supply partners are telling us:

  • Additional price increases for August and September. They expect an increase of up to 20% over current replacement costs.
  • Rocky Mountain asphalt producers are maxed out. Demand for asphalt is greater than current supply. Refiners are rationing their sales.
  • We’re able to secure half the volumes we need from our domestic suppliers.
  • There are serious logistic constraints in rail and pipeline shipments of heavy Canadian crude oil. Crude oil pipeline capacity is maxed out and many are on allocation.
  • Supply disruptions in the upper Mid-Continent put pressure on Rocky Mountain producers to move product east.
  • Rocky Mountain asphalt producers continue to produce alternative products. Demand for asphalt is out pacing current production levels.
  • Coker values continue to outpace asphalt values. We continue to monitor our international (water borne) asphalt supply options.

About McCall

For over eighty years, the McCall family has been providing the Northwest with essential products that keep our roads safe, our cars fueled and our homes warm. Located on the Willamette River, we are a leading provider of asphalt, biofuels, renewables, and other energy products to the Northwest.