Opening of Our New Asphalt Terminal in Prineville, Oregon

We’re happy to announce the opening of our new asphalt terminal in Prineville, Oregon.

Our new terminal will specialize in PG asphalts with an emphasis on quality and timely deliveries to the Central and Eastern Oregon asphalt markets. Working with the City of Prineville, we bring in asphalt by rail from our refinery partners. The new efficient equipment allows us to heat to shipping temperatures quickly for fast load times. Our Prineville team is prepared to make sure your loads are delivered on time and on spec.


Operations / Dispatch:
Andy Lunder, 928-230-6288
Dustin Wilson: 503-320-8886

About McCall

For over eighty years, the McCall family has been providing the Northwest with essential products that keep our roads safe, our cars fueled and our homes warm. Located on the Willamette River, we are a leading provider of asphalt, biofuels, renewables, and other energy products to the Northwest.